Art prints, mini framed art by Annazach Art on display inside the gallery.

Small works, cards and art prints now available at Shorelake Arts Gallery!

One of the biggest challenges with being able to show art is having access to a physical venue or a retail location that can showcase your work, including small items and reproductions, on an ongoing basis so that they can be found by a collector or customer. As an artist, it is such a joy to see your work in a space dedicated to showcasing and selling art, and I'm so happy to join the list of artists featured by Shorelake Arts in their gallery and gift shop at the Lake Forest Park Town Center.

When you purchase artwork and small gift items from the Shorelake Arts Gallery or Online Store, you support both local independent artists and Shorelake Arts nonprofit programs. They currently carry some of my small canvas paintings, mini framed mixed media pieces, fine art prints, and notecards featuring hand pressed block prints. Their selection rotates every 3-4 months and offers visitors an opportunity to view and purchase small works by local artists at the non-profit gallery run by Shorelake Arts. Some select pieces are also listed online. 

The Shorelake Arts Gallery is located on the lower level of Lake Forest Park Town Center, Lake Forest Park, WA near the entrance to the library.